Board of Directors at Mandera County Government

Mandera County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya, located in the North Eastern part of Kenya and borders Ethiopia to the North, Somalia Republic to the East and Wajir County to the South. It is about 1,100km from the capital city of Nairobi by road.REF MCPSB/BD/2018/05/06
Duties and responsibilities

Provide and manage water and sewerage services;
Develop and manage County water and sewerage services infrastructure, including water works and public works;
Develop adequate water supply system for domestic, industrial, livestock and agricultural purposes;
Develop and manage works for water conservation;
Promote, develop and manage water recycling systems;
Promote efficient water use and management for sustainable development;
Identify, initiate and promote water conservation systems, strategies and programs;
Develop and manage public infrastructure for storm water management in collaboration with other agencies;
Maintain database related to water and sewerage services;
Disseminate information related to water and sewerage services;
Ensure proper and efficient exercise of the powers and performance of the functions of the Company;
Advise the management of the Company generally on the exercise of the powers and the performance of the functions of the Company;
Approve the estimates of the revenue and expenditure of the Company;
Maintain collaboration and cooperation with other government agencies and other
County Governments in carrying out its functions;
Perform such other functions as are provided for under this Act or any other written law.

Requirements for appointment

Be a Kenyan citizen;
Holds a diploma from an institution or university recognized in Kenya or its equivalent;
Has proven experience of not less than Five years in administration or management either in the public or private sector;
Be Team Players with good inter-personal and Communication Skills,
Be familiar with the Mandates and objectives of County Governments as well as the objectives of the Mandera County Government's Water Sector,
Be familiar with the Objectives of Corporate Governance and willing to comply with a strict Code of Conduct which may control their behavior & Conduct in public,
Have recommendation letters from MANDWASCO Stakeholders who include; Mandera Water Consumers Organization, MYWO- Mandera Branch, Chamber of Commerce- Mandera Branch, a Consortium of NGOs present in Mandera, Mandera County Youth League, Kenya Society for Disabled Persons-Mandera Branch and SUPKEM or Kenya Association of Imams;
Must be ordinary resident or has a permanent dwelling in Mandera Municipality;
Must be carrying on business in Mandera Municipality; or
Must have lived in Mandera Municipality at least five years;
Satisfies requirement of chapter six of the constitution of Kenya 2010 on leadership and integrity.
Terms of Service: The term of the Board of Directors shall be five (5) years contract on a part-time basis.