Board Of The Municipality at Mandera County Government

Mandera County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya, located in the North Eastern part of Kenya and borders Ethiopia to the North, Somalia Republic to the East and Wajir County to the South. It is about 1,100km from the capital city of Nairobi by road.REF MCPSB/MB/2018/05/05
Duties and responsibilities

Oversee the affairs of the Municipality;
Develop or adopt policies, plans, strategies and programmes and set targets for service delivery;
Formulate and implement an integrated development plan;
Promoting and undertaking infrastructural development and services within Municipality as delegated by the County Government of Mandera;
Developing and managing schemes, including site development in collaboration with the relevant national and county agencies;
Maintaining a comprehensive database and information system of the administration;
Administering and regulating its internal affairs;
Implementing applicable national and county legislation;
Entering into contracts, partnerships or joint ventures as it may consider necessary for the discharge of its functions;
Monitoring and, where appropriate, regulating municipal services where those services are provided by service providers other than the Board of the Municipality;
Collecting rates, taxes levies, duties, fees and surcharges on fees as delegated by the County
Government of Mandera;
Settling and implementing tariff, rates and tax and debt collection policies as delegated by the County Government of Mandera;
Monitoring the impact and effectiveness of any services, policies, programs or plans;
Establishing, implementing and monitoring performance management systems;
Promoting a safe and healthy environment;
Facilitating and regulating public transport;
Performing such other functions as delegated by the Executive Committee of the County Government of Mandera.

Requirements for appointment

Be a Kenyan citizen;
Holds a diploma from an institution or university recognized in Kenya or its equivalent;
Has proven experience of not less than Five years in administration or management either in the public or private sector;
Demonstrate capacity to offer leadership and work under pressure;
Must be ordinary resident or has a permanent dwelling in Mandera Municipality;
Must be carrying on business in Mandera Municipality; or
Must have lived in Mandera Municipality at least five years;
Satisfies requirement of chapter six of the constitution of Kenya 2010 on leadership and integrity.
Terms of Service: The term of the Board of the Municipality shall be five (5) years contract on a part-time basis.