Electronics Technician at Kabete National Polytechnic

Kabete National Polytechnic - We pride ourself in being a model institution in technical, vocational and entrepreneurship training in africa and beyond and we work hard to impart knowledge, skills and nurture attitudes through hard work, and honesty for self reliance and national devepment. The Kabete National Polytechnic is seeking suitable candidates to fill the following Positions:Job Description
Duties and responsibilities

Lay out, build, test and troubleshoot electronic and electrical components, equipment and units.
Perform inspections on electronic equipment and components to determine problems and need for troubleshooting.
Troubleshoot and repair mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems including controls, power supplies and test equipment.
Install, start up and shut down equipment and units to test their functionality according to the polytechnics protocols.
Assemble electronic systems based on established technical specifications and ensure that correlating repair and maintenance needs are fulfilled.
Create cable and wiring connections in a safe and accurate manner, and perform regular inspections to identify defects and replacements.
Provide recommendations for upgrades and modifications to improve system performance.
Develop prototypes to provide feasibility analysis and conduct correlating product presentations
Create and maintain inventory of tools and equipment required for testing and repairing purposes.
Perform tests on electronic equipment and analyze and interpret test data, creating reports for review.
Provide support in adjusting, calibrating and aligning components and units and record performance metrics.
Have practical experience in repair of measuring equipment's and soldering.


KCSE certificate holder with C Plain
A minimum Certificate in Electronics (Tep) however a Diploma is desirable.
At least three years' experience as a technician
Experience of working in a learning institution is desirable.