Head of Product Innovation at BURN

BURN has revolutionized the global cookstove sector by proving the business case for selling a high quality, locally manufactured and unsubsidized cookstoves. Since 2013, BURN has sold 400,000 cookstoves in East Africa, which have helped 2,000,000+ beneficiaries save $45 million in fuel expenditures and 926,221 tons of wood while reducing indoor air pollution by 65%. BURN is experiencing strong growth and intends to increase sales by more than 50% in 2018. BURN is growing quickly and is looking for someone to help fuel this growth from the operations side.
Job Responsibilities:

Manage the new product development pipeline, including new products and improvements of existing products, from discovery of new concepts until it's handed off to the mechanical engineering team at the detailed design phase.
Support the mechanical engineering team in detailed design and process development.
Manage design engineering fellows, testing lab, prototyping shop, market research team, and accelerated lifecycle testing program.
Design development of concepts in CAD, prototyping, testing, and market research.
Develop and refine customer needs and product parameters.
Manage and refine the phase-gate development process, including working across other departments.
Works with other departments to establish a design, technology, product development, and vendor strategy.
Manages project budgets and prepares financial analysis reports for top management.

Desired Experience:

Mechanical engineering background or similar
Has developed products which have been launched
Expertise in Solidworks or AutoCAD
Familiarity with basic shop machines and tools: manual mill, lathe, drill press
Experience in East Africa is a plus