Internships at Tinker Education

Tinker Education is involved in solutions for Kenya's innovative education through Teacher Training, STEM curriculum, e-Learning Platform, Digital Book Platform, Digital Content Creation, and Pilot Project Implementation.
Our program teaches students computer science / coding with the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education.
We aim to demonstrate that the computer is a powerful tool for creativity and invention as we nurture children to be future innovators and idea makers.
Tinker Education, the Nairobi branch of EdTech (education technology) company EMCAST, delivers STEM Education to children through computer science/coding.
We are recruiting for Interns to support as teacher's aides in the classroom.
Location: Nairobi (Lavington)
The qualified candidate will work with a team of STEM Educators and have an opportunity to gain skills in computer science and implementing different code programs.
The candidate will gain knowledge of international standards of STEM Education, coding and teaching practices.
Qualified candidates should have:

Proven track of involvement and interest in programming.
Minimum degree holders in Computer Science or Education.

Only qualified candidates should apply.
No remuneration during internship.
Lunch and transport cost to be paid.
Employment opportunity available after internship.
Internship Requirements:

Candidates must hold a degree in one of the following three fields: Education, IT (Programming)
Commitment to the entire Internship duration of 3 months
Ability to help children to develop basic learning skills (verbal, written and numeric)
Ability to learn new technologies as well as content quickly and proficiently
Understanding and knowledge of STEM education, education technology and experience of e-Learning environments is not necessary but advantageous
Excellent organizational, interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
Great attention to detail
Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to work across boundaries
Honesty and high level of integrity
MS Office experience and OA (office automation) skills

Responsibilities: Promote efficiency, consistency, and professionalism in all tasks required of an intern at this level