IT Assistant at BURN

BURN has revolutionized the global cookstove sector by proving the business case for selling a high quality, locally manufactured and unsubsidized cookstoves. Since 2013, BURN has sold 400,000 cookstoves in East Africa, which have helped 2,000,000+ beneficiaries save $45 million in fuel expenditures and 926,221 tons of wood while reducing indoor air pollution by 65%. BURN is experiencing strong growth and intends to increase sales by more than 50% in 2018. BURN is growing quickly and is looking for someone to help fuel this growth from the operations side.
We are looking for an IT Assistant will apply his/her professional knowledge and expertise to support the IT manager.
Main responsibilities will involve:

Assist in installing, diagnosing and fixing problems or potential problems with the network and its hardware, software and computer systems.
Provides basic troubleshooting, repair and maintenance for computer equipment.
Configuring hardware and software, setting up peripherals such as printers or routers, repairing equipment, and providing daily support for computer network users.
Assist in monitoring network and computer systems to improve performance.
Provide support in diagnosing hardware and software issues and troubleshooting activities
Provide support in setting up end user training activities.
Assist in handling data migration duties.
Assist in monitoring CCTV Surveillance system.
Assist in uploading product serials to Echomobile platform and updating PowerBi visualization dashboard.
Assist in troubleshooting and fixing delivery issues in Outlook and Exchange Online.

Skills and Experience

Preferably more than 1-year work experience in IT - Support, Networking and Computer Maintenance.
Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer science, or related field.

Highly organized